Follow these simple steps to purchase your hashtag

  1. Click on Register Hashtag on tag app dashboard

  2. Enter name of hashtag you wish to buy

  3. Click on Search

  4. Check availability

  5. If hashtag is available click on Register Now button

  6. Your wallet will prompt you to make a payment

  7. Click on Accept or Approve Transaction

  8. Wait for Blockchain to confirm your transaction

  9. Upon confirmation your hashtag will be delivered to your wallet.

  10. You can check delivery by clicking on My Hashtags on the dashboard

Please note:

  1. Please note:

  2. Price of hashtag is 200$ but must be paid in BNB based on current market rate at the time of transaction. W

  3. We use Chainlink price API which ensures contract will only take 200$ worth of BNB.

  4. We recommend you keep 10$ worth of spare BNB to pay for transaction Fees

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