Decentralised Invitation Program

The TAG Protocol Invitation program creates an residual income opportunity for all the protocol users. TAG Protocol has built a decentralized Invitation Program using which users can earn commission for every Direct and Indirect Referral invites they accumulate.

This is achieved by making it mandatory for all new users to provide a referral address in order to join and buy a hashtag on the TAG Protocol. In the process protocol converts all it's users into a business partner by aligning their success and protocols success together.

The process of referring a new user is simple, just share the wallet address with which you purchased your own hashtag with another user. They just have to enter your wallet address in "provide invitation code" input box while purchasing their own.

Once the new user makes a hashtag purchase the payment is deposited within the Protocol treasury and fresh NFT token is minted and sent to the user wallet. The Treasury also calculates and updates inviter/referrers commission based on their account rank.

The inviter/referrer can check all their outstanding claims from the treasury with the app interface and claim their commission instantly by broadcasting a claim transaction to the treasury contract. Treasury sends the commission directly to referrers registered wallet address.

Your invitation/referral income just does not stop there. users also earn further referral income when users they referred to the protocol further refer other users to purchase a hashtag.

The income referral income generated on Tag Protocol can be classified into two group Direct and Indirect Invitation/Referral income.

What is direct invitation/referral income?

When a new user makes a purchase of hashtag directly using your invite code it is considered direct referral income.

What is indirect invitation/referral income?

When a user you invited to the protocol invites a new user to the protocol you also may claim part of the sales commission based upon the rank of your wallet address. This income is referred to as indirect invitation/referral income.

What is wallet rank?

Wallet rank is simply a grade or level assigned to your wallet to calculate commission due to you by the treasury. The rank of your wallet depends upon the calculation of your direct and indirect hashtag sales. The more sales you and your invited users make higher the rank of your wallet.

What sales targets have to be achieved to improve the wallet rank?

Wallet rank upgrade table











100 HTAG



250 HTAG



500 HTAG



1,000 HTAG



10,000 HTAG



15,000 HTAG



20,000 HTAG



25,000 HTAG


How does system calculate my indirect invitation/referral income?

Indirect referral income calculation chart

System calculates indirect sales income by simply evaluating the rank difference between your wallet and your referred users wallet. It is explained with the help of different scenarios below.

Scenario one:

Lets assume your wallet rank is 1 and your direct invited users wallet rank is also 1. Let us say your directly Invited user makes a new introduction which purchases one hashtag for 200$. In this case your direct invited user earn 25% by virtue of his direct sales but since you and your invited user are both at rank 1 you earn nothing.

Scenario two:

Lets assume your wallet rank is 6 and your direct invite users wallet rank is 1. Your Direct invite makes a new introduction which purchases one hashtag for 200$. In this case your direct invite user earn 25% by virtue of his direct sales but since your wallet has the rank 6 it qualifies you to 50% commission. System simple deducts 25% of your referred wallets commission from your 50% and give you pending 25%.