Prepare yourself before you start your Tag Protocol Journey
Tag Protocol is built on Binance Smart Chain and you must complete three essential steps before you get started on the TAG Protocol.
Step 1: Download a Binance Smart Chain Compatible DAPP Wallet
‌A Dapp wallet is simply a cryptocurrency wallet that also has a built in browser through which you can access various dapps on your mobile or web device. List of supported dapp wallets provided here.‌
Step 2: Purchase Binance Coins & Send them to your wallet (BNB)
‌ TAG Protocol works on Binance Smart chain and therefore all Hashtag NFT purchase Transaction requires Binance coins (BNB). You can buy 210$ worth of BNB from any cryptocurrency exchange of your choice and send them to your dapp wallet pre-hand to pay for your Hashtag.
‌ Contract will automatically calculate & take only 200$ worth of BNB based on the price conversion provided by chainlink price oracles. We recommend that you always buy & keep 20$ worth of extra BNB to pay for the transaction fees and to account for bnb price fluctuations on the market.‌
Step 3: Keep Referral Address Ready‌
Hashtag Pre-sale is by invitation only, you must possess a referral address provided by someone you know to be able to buy a hashtag and register your wallet on the Tag Protocol.