Adapting Hashtag's To Build A New Digital Economy

TAG Protocol is a DAO (Digital Autonomous Organization) operating Hashtag registry, Staking & Trading service on Binance Smart Chain. Users can register and perpetually own unique social media Hashtags just like they register & own domain names and use them to mine Tagcoin (Native protocol coin) by participating in daily Hashtag Staking Pool. Users can exchange Tagcoin for other crypto-currencies such as BNB, BUSD at market rate immediately on Tag Exchange. Users can also trade Hashtags with other users at Hashtag Auction Marketplace in exchange for other crypto-currencies.

Users can participate in the following activities on the Tag Protocol:

Register Hashtags: Collect unique #hashtag NFTs. Search & check for the availability of the hashtag you desire to register. If the hashtag is available simply register by paying for it. The Hashtag Contract will mint Primary function of registry is to accept user request to register new hashtag and mint new hashtag NFT token and to deliver newly minted Hashtag NFT Token to user's wallet.

Stake Their Hashtags: This service allows users to stake their Hashtag NFT Tokens to mine or collect Tagcoin based on the Twitter performance provided by Hashtag Performance Oracles.

Trade Hashtags: This service allows users to list & receive bids on their hashtag tokens. Users can also send bids on other users listed hashtags.

Trade Tagcoins: This is an AMM based exchange service that allows user to exchange their tagcoin with other cryptocurrencies. Users can also earn additional income by depositing various cryptocurrencies into the liquidity pools.

Become an Oracle: Oracles are independent P2P external data aggregators that collect twitter performance data of staked hashtags and rank them based on their performance and broadcast this data to Hashtag Staking Contract for the purpose of Tagcoin Distribution to staked hashtags.

Invite & Earn: This service tracks users invites and calculate their commission. It also manages payments and commission claims made by users.

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