What is hashtag registry?
Hashtag registry is the primary service operated by the TAG Protocol. Its is responsible for collecting payments and issuing unique Hashtag NFT Tokens to the users.
How does registry work?
When the user register's a new hashtag with a specific value (e.g. "tesla, fashion, love") the registry mints a new NFT token with the value provided by the user and send that token to users wallet address.
Can someone buy a hashtag that is already registered?
Hashtag value once assigned will not be re-issued by the registry. All hashtags NFT must have a unique value.
Does registry make distinction between upper caps & lower Caps alphabets?
Yes, the registry makes a distinction between upper & lower cap alphabets. For example the word bitcoin , Bitcoin, BITCOIN will be treated as unique values by the registry. Please be careful about this rule while registering your hashtags. The performance data will be tracked based upon exact match of the word and not the meaning or context of a given word assigned to a hashtag.